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Contexte & Environnement

Why apply?

  • Engage in a top-level management position to lead the development department of a deep tech startup in the fields of renewable energy.

  • Be in charge of designing and implementing a novel production line for a disruptive technology, with ambition to deploy it rapidly on a large scale.

  • Join an ambitious project to produce clean and sustainable renewable electricity with global impact on climate change.


Relevant skills & experiences:

Holder of a higher educational degree in engineering / manufacturing (process, energy, water field or alike), you have 10+ years’ experience in industrial development. You have actively participated in and / or managed the scale-up and industrialization of innovative technologies, ideally in the fields of electrodialysis, energy storage or electrochemistry.

Passionate with sciences and innovation, you like turning ideas and concepts into reality with a strong drive toward commercially viable solution.

Having responsibilities, deadlines and accountabilities is a source of motivation. You roll up sleeves when necessary.

Agile and endowed with leadership, you know how to train and unite your team around a common project. Your interpersonal skills, your precision and your curiosity will enable you to work with internal and external stakeholders.

Fluency in English is mandatory for this position given the sector of activity and the global reach of the technology. Fluency in Spanish is also a bonus.

Missions & Profil

Key responsibilities:

Your core mission will be to scale up Sweetch Energy’s technology.

Reporting to the CTO, you will be responsible for the design, manufacturing, and implementation of the production chain, first at pilot scale first and then at industrial scale. As such, you will be the keeper of the specifications, processes, deadlines, costs, impacts, etc, that will result from it. To industrialize the technology, you will also be responsible for setting up and monitoring the relevant industrial partnerships.

To achieve this plan, you will build a dependable team from scratch (engineers and technicians) dedicated to this production line.


Sweetch Energy:

Sweetch Energy develops breakthrough solutions to generate clean, cost effective energy from Salinity Gradient Power (SGP, also known as Blue Osmotic Energy), a large-scale, renewable energy source naturally available in all estuaries and deltas of the world. Our foundational technology is based on most recent discoveries in nanofluidics allowing for the development of a new class of high-power ionic cells and making Blue Osmotic Energy viable for the first time. Collaborating closely with academic and industrial partners, and supported by financial investors sharing our visions, our multidisciplinary and results-driven team is now on the cusp of delivering the potential of Blue Osmotic Energy to power the world and combat climate change.

Le déroulement du recrutement

  • Réception des candidatures
  • Analyse des CV
  • Entretien téléphonique
  • Entretien cabinet
  • Entretien physique
  • Réponse finale


  • Abaka
  • CDI
  • Etudes, R&D
  • Rennes (35)
  • Entre 90k€ et 120k€
  • 3 à 5 ans
  • Publiée

Les indispensables

  • Engineering
  • Manufacturing
  • Industrialization

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