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Contexte & Environnement

As a Software Engineer you join the Core Technology Team, you will develop new rendєring algorithms (procedural noises, 2D filters and effects), port and optimize the current engine implementation on new hardware targets (new GPUs, modern graphics APIs, new CPU SIMD instruction sets), and improve the core mecanism (graph traversal, mutithreading, caching, memory allocation, etc.).

Main missions

  • Developing new features, optimizing and porting on new hardware the texture rendering engines used (GPU and CPU on personnal computers, gaming consoles and mobile hardware)
  • Adding new features and optimizing in the realtime 3D viewports in our applications
  • Adding new features and optimizing the realtime 3D painting and material compositing algorithms
  • Optimizing the more computationally intensive algorithms used in our products

Missions & Profil


The company designs and develops the new generation of innovative software suites (engines and tools) dedicated to the 3D ecosystem (industry, video game, animation, virtual reality... ).

Le déroulement du recrutement

  • Réception des candidatures
  • Analyse des CV
  • Entretien téléphonique
  • Entretien cabinet
  • Entretien physique
  • Réponse finale


  • Allegorithmic
  • CDI
  • Informatique
  • Paris (75) 75000
  • Publiée

Les indispensables

  • More than 3 years of experience as Software Engineer related to GPU APIs (DirectX,OpenGL, and equivalent APIs on console), shader programming, high performance programming (SIMD, multi-threading, data oriented design) and low level optimization.
  • Strong skills in algorithmics applied to computer graphics and ideally good knowledge of modern modeling and rendering techniques
  • You will be able to work on exciting projects, cutting-edge technology and products with passionate people.
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